Depicting the International Bestselling novel series and multi-award-winning short film, the cultural Rude Buay attire line projects addition to uniqueness and style, boldness, and pizazz into our ever-changing fashion hemisphere. 

Its spin-off styles: Rude Girl, and the flamboyant Chico Rudo, dubbed as the Latinex version, A part and parcel of Rude Buay poignant and hard-hitting cultural effects.

The Rude Buay product selected colors: Black, Green, and Yellow, colorfully sets up the plot for its tropical triple marque - especially when teased by a touch of Red. You are center-stage-bound when you step. 

To encapsulate: each sequel, true to its type, follows RB in tow stitched up to compliment and tease your Step Up. So Drip!







Three Ex-Police officers embark on a crime spree, including aN epic bank robbery, that of a Brinks truck, and the orchestrated kidnapping of their Ex-Boss, John Croft 9-year-old daughter. The loot is a weighty, and after an elusive chase through SOCAL, they make their getaway across the Atlantic. Settling in Bermuda becomes tedious as Croft remains on the hunt.

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