Depicting the International Bestselling novel series and multi-award-winning short film, the cultural Rude Buay attire line projects addition to uniqueness and style, boldness, and pizazz into our ever-changing fashion hemisphere. 

Its spin-off styles: Rude Girl, and the flamboyant Chico Rudo, dubbed as the Latinex version, A part and parcel of Rude Buay poignant and hard-hitting cultural effects.

The Rude Buay product selected colors: Black, Green, and Yellow, colorfully sets up the plot for its tropical triple marque - especially when teased by a touch of Red. You are center-stage-bound when you step. 

To encapsulate: each sequel, true to its type, follows RB in tow stitched up to compliment and tease your Step Up. So Drip!







Wesley Haynes, a previously convicted narcotics dealer is accused of shooting Sherriff John Brown and his deputy Ron Charles. Even so, the ballistic evidence shows that the bullets, which claimed their lives, matched three guns: The Sherriff's, his Deputy's, and the Defendant. In this triangle, one man is on the trial, but is he really their man?






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